What I want to tell you gently when “I’m tired of living” or “I have a hard time”

My heart broke

When tears don’t stop
When you can’t laugh
When I can’t think of anything
When you want to disappear

I want to tell you that.
That you can nurture your heart.

No matter what you ask or see,
the current state of lethargy changes,
Even a little smile on your face
With a wish so that I can spend time back

What I want to tell you gently when “I’m tired of living” or “I have a hard time”

What I want to tell you gently when
“I’m tired of living” or
“I have a hard time”

When my heart is
out of control

I have lived by seeing and hearing various words.

When I’m still in good shape, I can understand
“I see!”

When it’s hard to dent
Any words

Doesn’t touch my heart…。

Even if you can understand
It doesn’t sound at all …

So, just [a big wave of sullen emotions],
Crushing to my heart
It will be swallowed.

In such a case, I can’t help myself.

Butfirst of all,
I want you to know that being disturbed means
that your own
“mind is changing”.

It’s a “proof that your heart is moving”.

If you can’t think of anything right now, that’s fine.
Just “moved my heart”
I want you to know your current situation.

That’s it, now my heart
I feel it’s hard.

I hope you will smileeven little by little.

I want you to live calmly, laugh

Andthe fact that my heart is moving means that
It’s not just sadness, pain and lethargy.
Laughing and calming
For good people
It means “I can move my heart.”

I’ve thought about suicide,
The first thing I can say right now
When it’s hard

Being in a “small world”.

“Even if you are told in the middle of such troubles …”
“It doesn’t come out …”

I think so when I’m in a whirlpool.

I couldn’t even think about that …

But first I feel the current situation of
“movement of the mind”
Engrave in the brain.

And when the waves come to my heart
First of all, I am doing the following.

I really want you to try it

First, do “to make your body tired”.

fill your head with different information
make … tired

Go for a walk in vain. Even if you don’t want to go.
 Walk for an hour or two.
 Hours until your legs are exhausted.
 Running is also good.

Think variously in my head
If you are suffering from brain fatigue

It affects both mind and body.

Only bad things come to my mind
Because it’s no good, I dare to tire my body

If you can’t take a walk, do other things to get distracted and tired.
“Play games”, “read comics”, etc.
(If you have a hobby, try it)

By doing so, from the whirlpool
It will take you to a different world. Moreover, my eyes get tired

It doesn’t have to be the same as me.

I want you to do something that you can immerse yourself in.

“Listen to music” is also good.
Would be nice even if the singing.
You can just listen without singing.
Sometimes you can come across wonderful songs that you wouldn’t normally hear.

It is also good to “clean”.
If you like cleaning even more would be good.
Just cleaning up the room will change your mind.

I would like to introduce my recommendations for manga, anime and music next time.
I think that you also want to introduce one point advice of cleaning.

Even if you’re not interested in any of them,
you may be addicted to one of them.

I want you to try it even if you don’t feel like it

If you immerse yourself to some extent
Go to bed
I want you to close your eyes and lie down first.

I may not be able to sleep easily
I want you to close your eyes and rest your body.

Even if you don’t like your life anymore
First close your eyes
Even if tears come out
First rest your body

I want you to wait for tomorrow

If you have a moderate amount of energy, you can do something yourself.
I also countless times from the old days
Also cry depressed
I can say it because I have experienced it.

But there were many times when I couldn’t do it
I still have many worries
The current situation that never disappears.

In order to leave the moderation of energy so as to be able to somehow
I need training.

Although earlier also put in words, there are things that were thinking of suicide

My heart was swallowed by the big waves and I couldn’t help it.
I just wanted to escape the reality at that time.
My heart was weak …

I can’t say I’m still strong
But since I was alive, many times after that
I also met a wonderful event

Still developing
Weak but I’m
I want to tell you

When you are in a state of mind that you cannot manage
Using the brain for other things
First of all, I want you to take a rest

I’m learning too
You too

Understand that it’s a vacation now.
Let’s lie down on the futon and sleep.

Sleeping doesn’t eliminate my worries the next day
But even a little more than now
You will notice that your mind is calm.

If you feel calm a little, practice nurturing your mind

Let’s then that grow their own heart
(Because you can only do it yourself)

The problems I have in my heart haven’t disappeared
If you feel calm even a little more than yesterday
It means that there was another change of mind

I took another step from yesterday.
My heart moved

The mind goes one step forward.
It’s a big difference whether you notice it or not.

A painful heart is painful …
I hate hard hearts …
Who is not painful heart, we know of course that it’s easier (pleasure).

Then what should I do …
What should i do?

Can you change into a comfortable and enjoyable mind …?
Let’s change it to a question.
Can be changed.

It is important to nurture your own heart, even step by step

I want to have a good time with my heart as easy as possible! !!
There is no option of “doing nothing” in order to do so
I have to take a step in my heart

When the waves came rushing in mind,
Deep, deep breath

Take a deep breath with the intention of resetting

When my heart moves due to various mental damages
When faced with the question of sadness

Make it a habit to think about why your heartfelt that way

Why did my heart feel painful?
Why my heart feels painful
Why my heart is sad

Because there was 〇〇
And things and reasons will come to mind

Next, how do you perceive it …
How do you think about moving forward even one step …
Whether it is possible to ease if Solving mind ….

If your head is confused and your thoughts are messed up
Let’s think positively for the future

Such thoughts was hard
I was sad
I was annoyed
I will never do it to the people around me

Let’s use it as a past experience value

The weak part of my heart
What happened to my heart
You can also understand what it is

It ’s good to have someone listen to you.
Only to talk
Summarize the contents in your own head
There is a great possibility that you can think more calmly than now

The air of the heart changesby talking

By listening to the thoughts of the person who spoke
There isalso the possibility of expanding the way you hold your mind

Experiences that are completely different from your own,
and how you think and feel
Because there is
the great possibility to give me the words

This is also, also will be nutrition to grow one step heart

If you can think calmly
So how can the current burden on the mind be lightened?
And a concrete example comes out

I should do this
You should think this way
A solution may come out

Don’t forget
Resentment, jealousy, etc.

It doesn’t nourish the mind.

Forget that part
Even if it comes to my mind, I have to erase it

I also want to reduce the following things

It’s a stressful feeling for me.
It can be frustrating.
It will come out as much as you want.

Selfishness (good)
What is selfishness? ⇒ Selfishness
Representation to a wide range of meaning that of ⇒ desire and selfishness (selfishness).
That of greed such that selfish and self-centered.

Against things or situation in which complaints ⇒, as the mood is not contented rather than calm.

To reducethese by half a step or step by step

After all, if you have a complaint (minus) in your heart
Reduce that emotion,

If it
can be transformed into mental nutrition (plus)
and increased

It means that you can take one step again.

Do what you can do now step by step
As long as you move your heart
It turns into a big thing and nourishes the mind.
What you can do

Because this can only be raised by myself

Thoughts that are stressful to the mind
There is no reason to suddenly think of it as a plus
Would think

But even one small step, by taking a step,
It can only be a plus for my heart
It will never be negative.

It is necessary so that this is also going to practice every day is

It’s my example
A long time ago, the story of a day when my family planned to clean.
Nobody except me came at the scheduled time and started cleaning alone.
The cleaning range was wide, but no one came
I was quite annoyed.
At that time, in my heart
“Why don’t everyone come!
Why should I be alone! !!
Everyone escapes! !! “
I was angry.

The stress feeling was in full bloom.
At that time, my mother came near me for another errand
I conveyed my annoyance to my mother.
Why everyone escapes! !!
Why should I be alone! !!
I want everyone to talk to me! !!
I told my mother.
To the words I was told by my mother
Huh! !!
Surprised the

What my mother told me
“Even if you clean it with so much anger, it won’t be clean.
Cleaning is not something you do with feelings of anger. “
I said to this word
“I’m so angry because everyone doesn’t clean.”
“It’s strange to do it alone”
As soon as I said, my mother said to me

“You get angry because you think it’s normal for everyone to clean up.
I have to do everything alone
Always think
If you think so, you won’t get angry.
And if someone comes to clean it, you’ll think “Thank you”
If you think so, you can clean it comfortably and cleanly.
Think that it was good to be healthy and clean
You came in here to clean. “

I was told …
If you can think that way
My feelings now are completely different! !!
What a hell! !!
I was really surprised.

If your heart is negative
Other things neglected

not only that.

It also has an adverse effect on the surroundings.
Moreover, my own heart cannot be calm.

What negative emotions bring is
No matter how far you go, it will only be negative.

However, thinking as my mother told me,
Just change your understanding of the purpose (purpose)

and your mind

I wondered if I could change my mind many times more positively.

It was a little later that I came to think that …

The words “I think I have to do everything alone”
Not really thinking that way
My mother felt the change in my mind and wanted to change it
It was also … able to understand later that that.

A few years later at work my mind was cloudy again. Being forced to do chores different from work
Why am I the only one …
At that time, that word from her mother came back to life.
Same as that time

Now, I try to replace this word that my mother said every time.

Even when it becomes irritated likely at work
Even at other times.

Unexpectedly, I think I have to do everything alone
I realized that I could change my feelings of
thank you to everyone involved.
There are only a few things I can do alone

Of course not 100% yet,
Everyone lie within easy changes to the way with a feeling of gratitude

Is Nobody ‘people who want to be a sad state mind

Gently, I want to live without feeling the stress.

Everyone would think so.

However, it would be impossible to be non-stressed
because various things happen every day
and I think about it.

However, even if my heart is weakened by mental damage and stress and I fall into pain
It is possible to reduceit.

If 100% pain can be reduced to 60%, 50%, 40%
It can approach 0%.

In inverse proportion to that,

the speed at which the mind grows increases steadily.

The fact that to live

I will do it for myself by accumulating step by step every day.

There are things you want to advance Apart from that

Want to advance that increasing the number of smile even a little every day.

For that purpose, it is necessary to “learn the mind”.

in the world,
There is no one alive alone.
No one can live alone.
I am indebted to something.

“No, I haven’t taken care of anything! I’m doing my best alone!”
Such a person is just a stupid person.

Humans make mistakes

Make various mistakes

But even now
It’s not too late yet.

“It’s never too late to hone your mind.”
Of course, those who understand well should dig deeper.

Let’s increase the day-to-day thanks

How many times a day will you thank me?
Most people will not have enough.
Of course I too …

It is necessary to practiceto express gratitude when you notice it.
Everything is also training, we need practice.

You might think, “Oh, it might be difficult …”

But you don’t have to think about difficult things.
However, you should try to have a feeling of “Thank you”

It can change little by little
I can affirm.
The more “Thank you”, the more smiles

“Thank you” that you can do by yourself
  ● Thank you for waking up in the morning and waking up
        I can’t wake up myself
  ● “I can breathe” Thank you
        You can breathe because the earth makes oxygen
  ● Thank you for being able to drink and eat food
  ● Thank you for spending the day safely today
  ● important people, thanks for that safely spend today


Everyday is full of “thank you”

Since it does not have anything such as commonplace thing.

If you ask me if I can do it
It’s not all made yet.

The current situation is that it is still insufficient.
Being chased by everyday life
There are times when I don’t even take it for granted.

On top of that, there are complaints and complaints in my heart.
It is troublesome ….

But because the desire to change, even little by little
Every day I practice to be full of gratitude, saying “Thank you.”

Since it also increases heart gentle smile number of times if we do so

Comes from daily
“learning of the mind”
“Thank you” also Let’s increase

Alone since I was born
In the current situation where I have not lived

You can
learn something every day.
“Thank you” is scattered all over the place

Such as a matter of course
Because there is nothing

When you touch the kindness
Say “Thank you”
When I got help
When someone listens to me
I often touch various kindness

“Thank you”
Infect not only yourself
The person who was told
“Heart grow up.”
Grow even smile

It’s all good, it’s important to remember this.

Life so far,
In the future life
There is a lot of learning in the mind.

In interpersonal relationships
About the people you have met in your life
I want you to memories

When I can’t remember
Today, during a walk in and commuting to work, in school, in shopping,
Good even from strangers who pass each other.
There is learning in that daily life.

If you are told something you don’t like and your heart hurts,
You don’t have to say the same words to your loved ones.

If there is an unpleasant behavior to watch,
You don’t have to do that.

The warm and happy response, the words,
You can do it for your loved ones.

You can learn everything.

You can learn from anything as long as you have an antenna.
And we will practice it.

What made me happy
You can give it to the people around you.
First of all to familiar people.

Look around
If there is a person who is acting like “I’m not abandoned in the world”, try imitating it.

Someone who looks sad
If anyone is in trouble
Just call out and proceed together
I want you to encourage me
I want you to help me

If someone warms my heart and makes me happy
Don’t forget to say“Thank you”

Every day, it is possible to “raise the mind.”
Learning is there

As my heart grows,
Heart gently
Will an increasing number of natural and smile


By making yourself smile
You can smile people around you

I may be selfish, but
I want people I meet to laugh
I hope.

Even strangers who passed each other on the road
I’m happy to seeyou talking to someone with a smile
I feel that.

I’m still in a small world,

but if this feeling spreads more and more
I think I can increase the smiles of people I haven’t met yet.

Only I can do my daily “learning of the mind”
But it spreads around
It will spread.

There are definitely people who can help you
by listening to your worries and stories
There are definitely people who want to help you

I’m not alive alone
Don’t worry

The world is not so bad

If someone’s face doesn’t come to my mind now
I just haven’t met yet.

Or even if you have already met

You just don’t realize.
If that person’s heart is depressed
You want to help that person
Because it’s the same as thinking so.

Because it’s a lifetime that never lives alone
Okay not worry

For the smile of the future